June 21, 2009

United Forces Giant snail race report

Yesterday saturday June the 20th 2009, 5 members of United Forces went to do the giant snail cross country race: Vivienne Dufaux, Starfire Silverstar, Wiu Bing, Monosurround Difference and myself Morgan Kincess.

It was our 1st giant snail race ever and it was hilarious. 45 sims to cross. We had a few accidents like multiple crashes, got stuck under roads, and the worse is that I was 2nd till the final turn where a road sign was missing. The organisers noticed it as I took the wrong way (and didn't let me know) and placed a billboard sign after me for all the others snails and I got stuck in it. I arrived 36... :) Monosurround arrived 16th, Wiu 17th, Vivienne 37th and Starfire 41st out of 50 snails.

During the race 500 regions went down. So the last 12 snails never made it to the arrival as there was no more sim at all.

I really wanted to make sure that all the team made it completely and Starfire who had multiple crashes wanted also to finish no matter what. So we waited half an hour till the sims were back, and went back there to be with Starfire for her arrival. All the giant snail race arrival decorations were gone but we didn't care. We came as United Forces team so we ended at United Forces team!

Download or watch the replay of that race here:

Some pictures are in our flickr group:

And our team after party :

Thanks to RFL team Giant Snails Race and all the snails who all together made 50.000L$ for Relay for Life! We will return next year ;)
Morgan Kincess


  1. I want to give a special thank you to our little "Snail Banger" team for all the support they gave me through my SL disasters. :D Morgan, Viv, Mono, and Wiu (pronounce like Wee-oo i think that's what he said)you guys ROCK!! I couldnt have finished without you and thanks for being there. You helped to turn a very personally frustrating experience into a real fun day! WOO HOOOOOO!! Luv yas! xxxxses and hugz!! Keep slimeing on!

  2. thx so much for this :) thx
    sorry my poor english

  3. Yes, it was a remarkable event - both - the race and the afterparty. Who doesn't wanna be a real snailbanger? LOL

  4. Next time I see a snail RL I will shout "go snail!!!!!" :-)